World Premiere of The Merry Widows

By Cenarth Fox
Directed by Mel De Bono

Fox Plays


16/5/13 to 26/5/13


8:00pm / 2:00pm matinee


Four mature widowed women are living in units in the same retirement village. They have become friends and meet once a week for coffee. Kate is “normal”, Siobhan is a “social butterfly”, Ruby has her late husband’s ashes with her in a carry bag, and Jean knows little of the real world, having been locked away for the last 20 years. These mismatched widows share their secrets, sorrows, and sins, helping one another to face the future. Then a new widow arrives! She is different, mysterious, striking and has a secret or two! She is also on a mission that could destroy the merry band. Will it??????


Kate – Shirley Cattunar
Ruby – Margaret Healy
Joan – Maree Hingston
Siobhan – Michelle Tanner
Mrs Schmidt – Allyson Hun