The Merry Wives of Windsor

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Drew Mason


21/2/13 to 3/3/13


8:00pm / 2:00pm matinee


This comedy is classed as one of Shakespeare’s most slapstick. Allegedly written to appease Queen Elizabeth’s desire to see Falstaff in love, Shakespeare created his only play dealing with the contemporary middle class, suburban life.

John Falstaff (a bludger), staying in Windsor Lakes, finds himself skint and comes up with a bonzer idea to make some quick cash by seducing the wives of two wealthy citizens. He sends Missus Page and Missus Ford identical love letters, but they discover his double-dealing and set about doing him one better, arranging a meeting at Missus Ford’s house. Falstaff’s mates dob him into the ropable Frank Ford who decides to test his better half’s commitment. Pretending to be Mister Brook, he pays Falstaff to seduce his wife on his behalf, twice almost catching them together, but averted by Missus Ford and Page’s hilarious tricks on Falstaff. Another hilarity ensues when the Host of the Garter Hotel plays a trick on the suitors of Page’s daughter Anne, leading to a punch on, as well as the final prank played on Falstaff in the darkness of Windsor paddock.

This is classic situation comedy at its finest. Grab your chips and gravy, crack open a tinny, and prepare to bust a gut laughing!