The Last Days

By Manuel Casha
Directed by Mel de Bono


18/11/10 to 27/11/10


8:00pm / 2:00pm matinee


The Last Days explores the often complex relationship between a man and his roots. In the winter of his life, after the loss of his dear wife Rita, Gianni finds himself yearning for his beloved country of origin that he and his wife left behind after World War II. During 50 years of living in Australia, Gianni established a successful business and raised a family. But now alone and his children married, with children of their own, he finds himself facing the desire to spend his remaining days in the country of his origin. Opposed by family and friends, Gianni is determined to follow his dream. Is this a result of the loss of his dear wife, or is it a common desire that many migrants face in the evening of their lives?

This play opens the door for us to witness “The Last Days” of Gianni in Australia but, in so doing, seeks to ask the questions faced by many migrants universally.

Other Info

This is the world premiere of The Last Days.