The History Boys

By Alan Bennett
Directed by Brian Moynihan

By special arrangement with Dominie Pty.Ltd


27/5/10 to 5/6/10


8:00pm / 2:00pm matinee


An unruly bunch of bright, funny senior boys in a British boarding school are as such boys will be in pursuit of sex, sport, and a place at a good university … generally in that order. In all their efforts, they are helped and hindered, enlightened and bemused, by a maverick English teacher who seeks to broaden their horizons in sometimes undefined ways, and by a young history teacher who questions the methods, as well as the aim, of their schooling.

In The History Boys Alan Bennett evokes the special period and place that the sixth form represents in an English boy’s life. In doing so, he raises – with gentle wit and pitch-perfect command of character – not only universal questions about the nature of history and how it is taught but also questions about the purpose of education today.