Fool for Love

By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd, on behalf of Josef Weinberger Ltd London


11/03/21 to 13/03/21




In a Mojave Desert motel, two former lovers reunite under less than ideal circumstances for an encounter that is far from simple. Eddie, a transient flame flickering in and out of May’s life, and May unable to fully extinguish it, exhibit a connection of equal parts painful, raw and passionate. Does yes mean no? Does love mean hate? Is it love or co-dependency? Lines so blurred they can’t always see a clear path, a way out from the ties that bind. Except, the old man who watches, patiently, waiting to speak his truth. He’s seen the fool, he sees everything. Or does he? Eddie and May are caught up in sorting through the emotional tumult of their lives in a power struggle where identity is vague and past haunts are ever present. Sam Shepard’s “Fool for Love” was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and takes its audience on a journey through the darker side of love and relationships.


Eddie – Henry Young
May – Marnie Martinez
Old Man – Darren Gregor
Martin – William Schofield