Death by Eating

Cenarth Fox
Directed by Mel DeBono


7/11/19 to 16/11/19


8:00pm / 2:00pm matinee


Many oppose the nanny state and want the government banned from their kitchen. But if people consume legal products and get sick, who pays for their treatment? If tobacco was invented in the 21st century, would it be legal? If kids today are obese, how healthy will they be in a decade or two? Don’t worry. We discover the answers when four characters in search of a buck, buckle down to sell you your soul. Death by Eating is a comical exposure of how we swallow the palaver about pavlova, and the baloney about baloney. So eat, drink and be merry because the play may be total codswallop … although with fries. Cheers.


JB: Mark Stratford
Heap: Christopher Dossor
Tix: Samantha Reynolds
Shadow: Luke Smith