By Eric Chappell
Directed by Mel DeBono

Origin Theatrical


21/5/15 to 31/5/15


8:00pm / 2:00pm matinee


Imagine, you’ve just returned to your extensive country home after an evening out with friends, not only to find it burgled but that the perpetrator is still there trapped. Here’s your chance to get some revenge!

This clever 1995 English comedy explores what happens when a wily member of the criminal class matches wits with a not-so-wily group of the middle class with all their hang-ups. The plot twists and turns in a psychological game of cat
and mouse. But look out, this mouse bites back!


Jenny Farrington: Michelle Tanner
Trevor Farrington: Christopher Dossor
Barbara Miles: Margaret Rawlinson
John Miles: Edward Kennett
Spriggs: Mark Stratford