The Other Cinderella

Fairyland has slipped sideways and something is not right. The stepsisters are lovely and the wicked stepmother is sweet. The prince is lost and may not make the ball. Cinderella is not nice at all. This needs to be fixed so the story can be saved. The fairy godmother and a demon need to combine forces to set things straight. Will Cinderella get the prince? Would she want him anyway?
Thursday 10 November 2022 – Saturday 19 November 2022
Directed by Michele Haywood.
Cast as follows.
Chris De Zeeuw – Barney
Warrick Smith – Baron
Sophie Stewart – Cinderella
Matthew Ray – Danny
Gary Mills – Demon
Emily Goode – Fairy
Lonni Allan – Margaret
Juliana Smith – Melanie
Anannya Musale – Melissa
Angelo Snell – Prince