Face to Face and Charitable Intent

2 plays from the Jack Manning Trilogy

By David Williamson
Directed by Roderick Chappel

By special arrangement with The Cameron Creswell Agency Pty Ltd


9/11/17 to 19/11/17


8:00pm / 2:00pm matinee


In the 1990s David Williamson, Australia’s best-known playwright, saw the dramatic potential of Community Conferencing, a process that facilitates communication between people who are in serious interpersonal conflict or are dealing with anti-social behaviour. Williamson demonstrated the power of Community Conferencing by translating it to the stage in his Jack Manning Trilogy.

These two short plays from the Trilogy explore very different cases of workplace conflict, with contrasting outcomes. Charitable Intent deals with a charity fund-raising company that has been undergoing disruptive organisational change. In Face to Face, a victim of workplace bullying has then been fired after vandalising his boss’s expensive car. In each intriguing situation, there are unexpected developments, as secrets are revealed and human emotions and motivations come to the surface.


Charitable Intent

Jack Manning: Jessica Hieser
Byrony: Marti Ibrahim
Brian: Mark Stratford
Amanda: Alison Jones
Stella: Angela Trakula
Tamsyn: Rosie Chappel
Giulia: Del Barwick
Cassie: Sevi Tseros

Face to Face

Jack Manning: Jessica Hieser
Glen Tregaskis: Hugh Adrien
Greg Baldoni: Mark Stratford
Luka Mitrovic: Gilbert Gauci
Richard Halligan: Luke Smith
Barry McLean: Leigh Johnson
Claire Baldoni: Leanne Conn
Maureen Tregaskis: Angela Trakula
Julie Rossiter: Del Barwick
Therese Martin: Rachel Stanhope