Post lockdown audition: Role of Nerissa in The Merchant of Venice Production Dates: 10 to 26 February 2022

Auditions will be held for the role of Nerissa in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice at STAG. This production was initially scheduled for August 2021. However, was uanble to proceed due to lockdown. The play has therefore been rescheduled to 10 to 26 February next year. Unfortunately, the actress playing Nerissa is not available for the new dates, and a new Nerissa is needed.
Nerissa is an important supporting role, appearing in 8 of the 20 scenes. She has 32 lines, but this fact under-represents the importance of the role.

Nerissa is a maid to Portia, who is a beautiful young heiress, and in private Portia treats Nerissa as a friend and confidant. Portia and Nerissa often act in concert, and the role of Nerissa does a great deal to define Portia’s character. Nerissa has to be strongly drawn. She is intrinsically fun-loving and a tease, but shows a range of emotions. Her character will play a vital role in the effectiveness of this production.

Auditions will be by appointment, after the end of the current lock down. There is no requirement for audition candidates to learn or prepare anything. Candidates will be asked to read Nerissa’s part from sections of the script, which can be provided on request.

The production is set in the original sixteenth century, and will be in period costume. An original and innovative set has been built, and technical preparations are almost complete.

The full cast will rehearse from early January 2022. The actress cast as Nerissa will also be needed for a few rehearsals before the end of 2021, so that she knows the part before regular rehearsals begin.

To express interest and be kept informed, or with any questions, please contact the director, Roderick Chappel: or 9718-0486.